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  • The Power of a First Novel (Completed)

    Completing my first novel made me a writer who writes, not just a person talking about writing. Two decades later, the novel continues to remind me I can write.

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  • Just Good Enough

    Just Good Enough

    When embarking on a DIY painting project, a few common questions will arise. Should you wash walls? Should you tape edges? Should you prime? Do you really need to wait four hours between coats? Do you need to trim the second coat? Do I even need a second coat? The answer to all of these…

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  • Build Writers Through Appropriate Feedback

    When movies feature journalists, especially newspaper reporters, they often include the well-worn trope of the angry editor. We all know the caricature: tie askew, shielded by a messy desk, targeting every reporter who crosses their line of sight for a dressing down. In their mind, every reporter has failed, every story needs completely rewritten, every…

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  • PRSA 2019 Conference Takeaways

    This past weekend I attended my first Public Relations Society of American ICON Conference, in sunny (and even hot) San Diego. Below I’ve gathered some initial takeaways, many of which could probably use deeper examination.

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  • Trust Requires More Than Words

    In today’s work environment, most leaders agree that giving employees freedom and trust will destroy a lot of things. Sometimes, those things will need fixed, but more often, the things employees break will actually improve make their lives easier, improve productivity, encourage innovation, and boost morale.

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  • Playing on One String

    Playing on One String

    Too many times, we create artificial barriers for action, creating, even living.

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  • The Magical Mason Jar

    The Magical Mason Jar

    Today, November 30, I present you the Mason jar. When you see a Mason jar, what pops into your head first? Write it down. I’ll give you a minute. (Sip drink, pace floor, one more sip).

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  • Five Takeaways from PRSA Connect

    This past week, I attended the Public Relations Society of America Connect conference for internal communicators. As I’ve recently added this responsibility to my spokesperson duties, I looked to this conference to provide some 101 on engaging employees.

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  • A Story About A Story (As A Poem)

    Today, you can tell a story. But you cannot tell every story today.

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