Welcome To The Drive

U.S. 89 stretches from the Grand Canyon to Canada. Driving the length of it would take a person either into or within a short side trip of the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, the Wasatch Front, Bear Lake, Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier. I grew up in a town bisected by this highway, went to college in a city this highway passed through, and live in a city divided by this highway.  My wife and I drove this highway to our first anniversary, and drove this highway the first time we went camping with our son.

This is my home.  The car, on the open road, in the insanely open Western landscapes.  Vistas dominated by stark red rock plateaus, expansive lakes, and snow-capped peaks.  Five star music on the stereo, cold beer in a cooler behind the seat.  Most important, great company in the passenger seat (and these days, in the car seat in back).

This blog will be much like a road trip on 89. The conversations will be lengthy, contemplative, philosophical. Expect laughter, expect ranting.  Diversions will happen.  Currently, the road trip has barely started, so any questions about the final destination or a timeline will have to wait until at least tomorrow (perpetually).

Now, crack a beer and lean back. It’s time to drive.

The Driver

I have worked as a journalist since the mid-90s, primarily at daily newspapers. Currently, I am the managing editor at a weekly newspaper, where I also regularly write local news blogs, a weekly column, and occasional stories. Some posts and articles from that paper will be reposted on this site, although I aim to use this site to focus on bigger picture things, especially journalism in a digital age and Western politics.

To contact me directly, send me a note at joshloftin@gmail.com.

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