Guns N' Roses playing live

Playing on One String

For nearly twenty years, I’ve owned a guitar with a broken string. I never learned how to play that guitar because of that broken string.

Recently, in an interview on the WTF podcast, Slash talked about learning to play the guitar as a kid. Did he have a broken string? No. He had five broken strings.

Too many times, we create artificial barriers for action, creating, even living. We don’t launch our website because we need the perfect theme. We don’t start the podcast because we don’t have the right microphone. We don’t start writing because we can’t find the right pen. We search for the perfect bike, the perfect knife, the perfect tent instead of just riding, cooking, or camping.

These barriers become even more daunting, and more common, for creative pursuits. Your fear will manifest many arguments to stifle your creativity, many of them anchored in perfection. Ignore them and start creating.

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