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Extreme Budgeting

By on Oct 25, 2010 in News, Politics | 0 comments

Sam Granato, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate seat, calls Mike Lee’s 40 percent budget cuts “irresponsible.” In a statement released yesterday, Granato responded to the blog I posted Friday, reporting that Mike Lee suggested 40 percent cuts to the federal budget. Granato, not surprisingly, characterized the 40 percent as … wait for it … “exreme.” In fact, Granato uses the “E” word multiple times in the news release. “That would destroy the economy for generations to come,” Granato said. “It’s ridiculously irresponsible.” In an article today, The Trib has their own take on the story, which involves a bit of (surprising) back-pedaling from Lee’s camp. But it’s only retreating from the number, not the concept. Granato, as I fully expected when I wrote the post Friday, uses it for some...

Mike Lee’s Massive Budget Cut

By on Oct 22, 2010 in News, Politics | 0 comments

During a town hall meeting/conservative rally in Orem last night, Mike Lee harped on a familiar theme—balancing the budget—but also threw out a number that he thinks would be required to make it happen in the first year. Forty percent. That’s right, 40 percent cuts to the federal budget, almost across the board. In fact, there are only a few areas that he would support being spared, most notably Social Security and the defense budget, which he would “economize.” All other departments, however, would have to slash, burn or whatever else it would take to make the cuts. The 40 percent estimate was part of an answer to a question about how Republicans will handle the expiring Bush tax cuts and the spiraling debt, should they take over Congress. The questioner, who Lee called “bishop,” suggested that the current Congress was setting up the Republicans for...

Realtors Move Capitol

By on Oct 18, 2010 in Politics | 0 comments

Apparently, the Utah State Capitol has been relocated to Red Butte Garden. A new mailer from the National Association of Realtors urging people to vote early has a panoramic shot of the relocated Utah State Capitol building. It’s a nice spot, I suspect, considering it is right at the foothills of some verdant green mountains. I can’t exactly pinpoint it, but my best guess is the east side of Salt Lake County, likely near the U. campus. (For PDF of the flyer, click here). Certainly, I have never seen the view to the west of the Capitol in its current location. The current view — at least, before the building was moved — is of the western half of Salt Lake County. It’s a view that offers some of the best sunsets you’ll see in Northern Utah, when the giant globe of fire is sinking behind the Great Salt Lake. There’s also houses and refineries. If...

Hop & Bop: Winter Now

By on Oct 17, 2010 in Featured, Food & Drink, Music | 0 comments

Hop Fall is in the air, but during the past week, it’s been winter in my pint glass. Last weekend, friends from Washington brought us a 24-pack of Deschutes Jubelale, one of my favorite Christmas beers. It’s pretty typical of the winter seasonals–in so much as it is Deschutes, one of the best microbreweries in the country–although less spicy than some of the bolder holiday recipes. Chocolate notes and roasted malts dominate the flavor pallet, with underlying hints of cloves, cinnamon and black licorice. All of the flavors are subtle, and the sweetness is not overwhelming. Yes, it’s a heavy beer, but during the winter months that’s what people like. This week, I’ve also sampled a couple of other winter beers. During a trip to the Bayou Monday, I ordered the McTarnahan’s porter without realizing it was the Hum’Bugr holiday porter....

Six Pack on the Dashboard: 10/8

By on Oct 7, 2010 in News, Politics | 0 comments

Above the Fold Ale: It’s the next big scandal to rock the gubernatorial race: Tailgate-Gate!— Yesterday, I rode to the gubernatorial debate at Utah Valley University with Peter Corroon’s campaign manager and future Utah governor, Donald Dunn, because I was scheduled to ride back with Corroon to interview him for our election previews. At Point of the Mountain, a Suburban came up on us in the HOV lane fast and, like a good Utah driver, rode our asses for a minute or two. As Dunn pointed out to me that it was Gov. Gary Herbert’s security detail, the Suburban whipped past us by crossing the double lines of the HOV lane. As they did this, I offered to flip the governor off, but Dunn declined. (For the record, that’s not a personal attack against Herbert, and I would flip off Corroon if Herbert’s people asked me). We did, however, keep the...

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