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Teens & Social Media: 5 Insights From Pew Center Study

By on May 24, 2013 in Featured, Marketing | 0 comments

This week, the Pew Center released an in-depth report about social media use by teenagers that included some surprising and encouraging trends. Anyone who works with (or markets to) the high school demographic should consider the report a must-read. After reading the report, here are five of the most notable findings.

Marketing Lessons From Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

By on May 16, 2013 in Featured, Marketing, Music | 0 comments

Macklemore, an “overnight” sensation who has been working his craft for two decades, has remained staunchly “i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t.” For small shops, their approach to music, art and marketing can provide some valuable lessons.

5 Facebook Marketing Alternatives

By on May 14, 2013 in Featured, Marketing | 0 comments

The defenders of Facebook cite a few legitimate arguments, but in some cases those very arguments serve better as a reason to expand (ideally) or choose a different social media platform.

Facebook Marketing: Empty Calories & White Noise?

By on May 13, 2013 in Featured, Marketing | 0 comments

Interested in debating the question of whether Facebook has its cool? Join the #casesmc chat on Twitter this Tuesday (May 14) from 2–3 pm EDT. I’ve blocked the gamblers, the farmers, the bejewlers. I’ve blocked Christians, Mormons and Dodgers fans. I’ve blocked Republicans, Democrats, and extremists on both sides of the gun debate. And yet … misspelled rants, endless game requests, baby pictures by the hundreds, “I heart Jesus” testimonials and inspirational quotes still clutter my Facebook news feed. And yet … I still check it, nearly every day, skimming dozens of posts while Liking only a few, until I finally break away and curse the lost time. For me, as well as many others in their parenting years, Facebook initially provided an amazing way to reconnect with high school friends and college roommates. I found a half-sister on Facebook as well as my middle school best friend, and...

Social Media Marketing World: 5 Takeaways (Day 1)

By on Apr 9, 2013 in Featured, Marketing | 0 comments

I’m spending the early portion of this week at the Social Media Marketing World in (not so) sunny San Diego. This conference boasts more than 1,000 attendees, many of them experienced social media marketers (hence the conference name), who have come to hone their skills. As I like during conferences I attend, here are five takeaways from the first day. Helping=Selling: Nearly every presenter, from the keynotes to the sessions, continually returned to a theme of helping people solve a problem instead of simply shouting about a product. Whether it’s the “4–1–1” rule of Twitter, the curation strategy from Guy Kawasaki for Google+, the conversion secrets from Rich Brooks or the “revolutionary” concept (a phrase used by the New York Times recently) of answering questions from Marcus Sheridan, the trend (a lasting one, likely and hopefully) for successful marketing is teaching people....

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