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Millennials Will (?) Change The World

By on Jan 11, 2015 in Featured, Professional | 0 comments

Everytime I engage with a large group of Millenials, the kids confirm many of the stereotypes tossed at them by Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. But it’s also easy to spot the positives of said stereotypes.

Baker’s Dozen: Missing The Utah Legislature

By on Jan 28, 2013 in Politics | 0 comments

With the Utah Legislature opening its annual session today, here’s a list of things I will (legitimately) miss about covering it.

Farewell (Trucker’s Atlas)

By on May 19, 2012 in Journalism, Philosophical | 0 comments

The road trip ends like this: peacefully and without long farewells. It ends with the car limping home, beer cans littering the floor, pretzel dust coating the seats. It ends as it began, accidentally and unintentionally and entirely dictated by the road. After 15 years as a journalist, it ends like this: peacefully and without long farewells. I leave a business sputtering into the future, with my fingers ink-stained and beer cans mingling with bylines on the newsroom floor. It ends as it began, accidentally and unintentionally and entirely dictated by the road. Recollections bounce past me like super balls in a stairwell, erratic and fast and generally indistinguishable. That’s not to say I consider my time spent committing news a waste, because there are sources of pride among the thousands of stories I’ve written. In fact, I have no regrets about my first chosen career...

Six Pack on the Dashboard: Journalism

By on Sep 26, 2011 in Journalism, Six Pack Updates | 0 comments

Free on-the-go reporting and free GIS tools. Free apps for journalists. Free yourself to fail. Plus, second-screen battles the business side of hyperlocal news sites. Here’s six articles that won’t waste your time, especially if you’re a journalist. 1. Mapping the News: Geotagging news stories is a capability I wish I knew more about and something I wish I could utilize more often. This is a nice write-up of some introductory tools that I aspire to dabble in soon. 2. Chicago Tribune Tools: List and links of open-source apps and programs developed by Chicago Tribune staffers. 3. Think Small: The problem for many start-ups, especially those with localized missions and little funding, is thinking too big. This is a nice essay about why “small ball” strategies that build on early successes are important. 4. Second Screen: Strategies for winning the...

Open Container Update: Shine A Light

By on Aug 24, 2010 in Six Pack Updates | 0 comments

“She just loves me for my big dictionary.” —Faster Pussycat In their continued push to “spread light” and attract a national audience, the Deseret News announced Monday night that they have appointed an “editorial advisory board” made up of 13 “thought leaders” who also have vast experience being appointed to boards. Initially, the announcement confused readers, especially anyone not drunk, stoned or filled with the spirit. However, after a Don Draper-esque morning with a bottle of Bushmill’s and conversations with many poorly-placed staffers at the newspaper — including the Spanish-speaking cleaning staff and ghosts of journalists past — I have confirmed that, in fact, the paper is actually planning a reality show contest for the 13 “thought leaders.” The winner will become the next star blogger,...

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