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Hop & Bop: Winter Now

By on Oct 17, 2010 in Featured, Food & Drink, Music | 0 comments

Hop Fall is in the air, but during the past week, it’s been winter in my pint glass. Last weekend, friends from Washington brought us a 24-pack of Deschutes Jubelale, one of my favorite Christmas beers.┬áIt’s pretty typical of the winter seasonals–in so much as it is Deschutes, one of the best microbreweries in the country–although less spicy than some of the bolder holiday recipes. Chocolate notes and roasted malts dominate the flavor pallet, with underlying hints of cloves, cinnamon and black licorice. All of the flavors are subtle, and the sweetness is not overwhelming. Yes, it’s a heavy beer, but during the winter months that’s what people like. This week, I’ve also sampled a couple of other winter beers. During a trip to the Bayou Monday, I ordered the McTarnahan’s porter without realizing it was the Hum’Bugr holiday porter....

Hop & Bop: Oktoberfest

By on Oct 9, 2010 in Food & Drink, Music | 0 comments

Hop Local breweries celebrate Oktoberfest, Utah-style and otherwise.— Two downtown breweries, Red Rock and Squatters, unveiled new beers this week to celebrate the arrival of fall and to commemorate the annual German beer festival. Both launched their Oktoberfest beers with food specials to match at the breweries. Squatters is having an Oktoberfest celebration this weekend, with food at the brewery to celebrate the release of their new Marzen. I haven’t tried it, so if anybody else has toss your thoughts in the comments. Red Rock is going Oktober-crazy, and actually has a half-dozen different lagers on tap that are all a variation on a traditional German beer. They also have Oktoberfest food specials through Sunday that I highly recommend. During lunch at the brewery Friday, I tried a about half of the Oktoberfest beers on tap. Overall, they’re good, not great —...

Hop & Bop: Fresh Hops

By on Oct 2, 2010 in Food & Drink, Music | 0 comments

HOP: A lot of things herald the arrival of autumn, be it the cool nights of late September, shorter days, the start of football season or a yearning for soup. Over the last couple of years, especially, another indicator of autumn is the arrival of fresh-hopped beers. These beers are made using hops picked within the last few days, as opposed to the dried hops used for most beers. The fresh hops typically have a more refined, subtle aroma and flavors than dried, just like fresh spices compared to dried. That’s not to say fresh-hopped beers cannot be hop bombs. Last year, for example, the Harvest Ale from Sierra Nevada was a big blast of hop flavors and aromas. This week, two local breweries have put their own fresh-hopped beers on tap. At Desert Edge Brewery, they actually went even further than just fresh hopping and made a beer using ingredients sourced within 100 miles of Salt...