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Cody Judy Hits a Groove

By on Oct 28, 2010 in Music, News, Politics | 0 comments

As a journalist, I follow a certain code of ethics. I don’t accept gifts, for instance. I am also supposed to walk a straight line of objectivity, and most days I … well … okay, I don’t walk many straight lines. But that’s beside the point. One of the things a journalist is absolutely supposed to avoid is favoritism, be it putting a campaign sign in their yard or endorsing a specific candidate. Again, these are usually principles to which I adhere, much to the chagrin of my politically active wife. Today, however, I am setting aside that principle to endorse a candidate in the U.S. Senate race. This race has been covered well by myself and City Weekly, including two cover stories in the last year, one on the challenges from arch-conservatives to Sen. Bob Bennett and one on the Democratic candidate, Sam Granato. So my endorsement is not arrived at without a...

Six Pack on the Dashboard

By on Sep 29, 2010 in Music, News, Politics | 2 comments

Above the Fold Ale: More than a decade ago, I lived in Bellingham, Wash. Gorgeous town in a beautiful area, smack-dab between two of my favorite cities, Vancouver and Seattle. At the time, Death Cab for Cutie were the local rock stars and only about a year away from breaking out as the indie superstars they are today. I saw the band a half-dozen times in local bars … and was never impressed. I probably saw them so many times because everyone up there talked about how Death Cab was so awesome. (Okay, not everyone — I delivered pizza with about a half-dozen juggalos who hated Death Cab). I consider myself music-savvy, and always open to new sounds and new bands. I never want to be the guy who — as an X96 ad is currently promoting — wants a radio station that plays all of my old favorites (in X96’s ad, it’s Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Sublime)....