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Letters With News

By on Aug 13, 2014 in Featured, Marketing | 0 comments

Think about the newsletters you almost always open. My guess: most of them will read less like “news” and more like a letter from a friend. They will entertain, impress, inspire, they will provide helpful advice and worthy links.

Five Audiences Bad For Your Creativity

By on Feb 18, 2014 in Marketing, Writing | 1 comment

Too many people create something that a only very small and generally non-lucrative audience will appreciate or, worse, they don’t take a chance creatively because they fear the reaction of those small, non-lucrative audiences.


By on Nov 12, 2010 in Featured, Philosophical | 0 comments

During the book signing and meet-up with Chris Guillebeau at Sam Weller’s on Wednesday evening, one of the follow-up questions from the audience was what Chris, as well as audience members, found to be the biggest barriers to accomplishing goals. The first one mentioned was fear, which is the most obvious and most accurate for many people. But there are other reasons. Another person talked about finances and retirement, when incomes are fixed, health issues loom large and the desire to work long hours — even at something you love — is minimal. Other answers included fighting inertia, avoiding change (which is a form of fear), lack of passion or inexperience. I didn’t have an answer that evening that wasn’t already said by somebody, but as I thought more about my particular situation, I realized that for me it’s selfishness. It’s one thing to...

Chris Guillebeau: Meaningful Adventure

By on Nov 11, 2010 in Philosophical | 1 comment

Two guidelines for living unconventionally: 1. Pursue meaningful adventure. 2. Ask, “How can I contribute?” Those guidelines were the heart & soul of a brief yet thought-provoking talk by Chris Guillebeau during a Wednesday night book signing and meet-up at Sam Weller’s Bookstore in Salt Lake. All in all, his entire talk lasted barely 15 minutes, with another 20 or so minutes for Q&A with the crowd of about 20 people. For those unfamiliar with Chris, he has been blogging for 3-4 years about living an unconventional life, dispensing philosophical advice about becoming your own boss, embracing creativity, becoming financially independent (debt-free, minimalist living) and, basically, living the life you want. He also writes a lot about his goal of visiting every country in the world by the time he’s 35, which is he doing by “travel hacking”...