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Live Blog Lessons: What Didn’t Work

By on May 22, 2010 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

About a week ago, I live blogged the GOP convention. In an earlier post, I detailed what I thought worked. Here, I’ll provide a few of the things that I don’t think worked and should be improved upon the next time. Comments: It was great to have comments from people reading the blog, especially for a first time. It was also difficult to manage because I had to approve each comment before it was posted. This resulted in delays and, more frustrating, my answering questions that I hadn’t posted. Eventually, I figured out that I could authorize posters so their comments went live immediately. This worked for a solo live blog. Ideally, having another person acting as an administrator would truly solve this problem. Media: With more time to prepare, I would load a bunch of pictures and other multimedia that I could add to the live blog with the click of a button. Even...