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Blue Ocean Strategy: Stryper

By on Jun 11, 2015 in Featured, Marketing, Music | 0 comments

Stryper dominated the Christian hair band scene in the 1980s. Their religion provided an avenue for success that differentiated them from the booze-swilling, groupie-hunting rockers that defined the scene. In marketing terms, they found their blue ocean and, thus, continue to headline shows. Here are some lessons you can learn from Stryper’s success.

Great Customer Service: The Parable of the Corner Booth

By on May 27, 2015 in Featured, Professional | 0 comments

Early evening, in a small town cafe. Dinner. A few families, a couple of couples, sit at tables. Few customers, relatively speaking. An elderly couple walks in, heads directly to a corner booth. Waitress stops them, or at least attempts to stop them. They sit. She chides. “You need to sit at that table, over there,” she says. Over there, for the record, is a table 10 feet away, and there are only two waitresses. “This booth is empty, by a window. Nobody is in it, so we want to sit over there,” the elderly man says. “But you need to sit over there.” “Why?” “Because that’s the next place I need to sit somebody.” Thankfully, the stubborn couple refused to move and the waitress eventually surrendered. Personally, I would’ve moved — right out the door, letting everybody know exactly why I left. I never agreed with the sentiment that the “customers is always right.” A couple demanding a...

Prepare Your Customers For Exceptional Service

By on May 12, 2015 in Featured, Marketing, Professional | 0 comments

Alaska Air has developed a reputation as a company with strong customer service, and their employees certainly take pride in furthering that reputation. But the airline also does many small things right in before the customer even needs service.

Roger Clyne Makes Peace With The Media

By on May 6, 2015 in Featured, Journalism, Marketing, Music | 0 comments

Not one, not two, not just three errors. A half-dozen, at least, and ones that don’t even require significant research to fact-check. That happened in a recent review of Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers show in Boston*, when the writer made mistakes ranging from the number of albums to the theme of certain songs. Many people or companies, when faced with so many egregious mistakes, would demand corrections, retractions, apologies. They would send nasty emails to the writer and vent about the disrespect for months or years. Not Señor Clyne or his band of amigos. Instead, they did what they do night in and night out as an exceptionally hard-working independent band. They raised a glass to the writer. Here’s the thing: The article perfectly captured the loose atmosphere of a Roger Clyne show. It also portrayed his strengths, and his growth, as a songwriter. Even with (or despite) the...

Social Media Explained (As A City)

By on May 5, 2015 in Featured, Marketing | 0 comments

Many social media marketers still operate under metaphors that worked well two years ago but no longer come close to reality. So, in an effort to at least return to a funhouse equivalent, I want to provide some real-life comparisons for social networks — in this case, the areas they might represent in a city.

Gift Idea: Notebooks

By on May 3, 2015 in Featured, Philosophical | 0 comments

I have a quiver of gifts, including books, arts and (especially) crafts, locally-branded clothing, artisan food, and wine. In the past year, I have added another item that I highly recommend: notebooks.

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