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Six Pack on the Dashboard: Journalism

By on Sep 26, 2011 in Journalism, Six Pack Updates | 0 comments

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Free on-the-go reporting and free GIS tools. Free apps for journalists. Free yourself to fail. Plus, second-screen battles the business side of hyperlocal news sites. Here’s six articles that won’t waste your time, especially if you’re a journalist.

1. Mapping the News: Geotagging news stories is a capability I wish I knew more about and something I wish I could utilize more often. This is a nice write-up of some introductory tools that I aspire to dabble in soon.

2. Chicago Tribune Tools: List and links of open-source apps and programs developed by Chicago Tribune staffers.

3. Think Small: The problem for many start-ups, especially those with localized missions and little funding, is thinking too big. This is a nice essay about why “small ball” strategies that build on early successes are important.

4. Second Screen: Strategies for winning the “second screen,” which is whatever people use to supplement a viewing or reading experience — i.e., checking stats on the smartphone while watching a football game.

5. Hyperlocal Biz: The founder of joins UC-Berkeley j-school staff to help their hyperlocal news sites with biz development. He about the challenges and possibilities.

6. Spotting news: 10,000 Words highlights a cool app (iOS and Android) that allows people to report news while out and about, including location, multimedia and other news reports in the area. It’s called meporter, and it’s pretty cool. Blog post is here and video is embedded below.

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