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The Hop & Bop Explained

By on Sep 24, 2010 in Food & Drink | 0 comments

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Utah beer news plus a weekly jazz recommendation: It’s The Hop & Bop, a new Open Container Friday feature.

Generally, this is going to become my weekly escape from politics and news. It will focus on two of my other hobbies/addictions, beer and music.

What you can expect: Every week, I’m going to give a rundown of notable beer news, heavily skewed towards Utah beer and breweries. This will include new releases, new-to-me beers and general news. I will give reviews of the beer, but I am not a certified taster (although I was a judge in this year’s Beehive Brew-off). Really, I’m just a guy who loves beer.

Ditto for music. Yes, I’ve written reviews, but I don’t consider myself a critic or music expert — I’m really more of a fan who isn’t afraid to tell people what I like and don’t like. I like bands across all genres, but for this blog I’m going to highlight a new jazz album. Mostly, this will be NEW albums, although I will point to the occasional remastered classic or older albums if the band is playing locally in the upcoming week. I chose jazz because, frankly, our music critic, Dan Nailen, covers the shit out of everything except jazz — including Justin Bieber.

What you won’t get: Politics. Media news. News, in general. I don’t intend to become a “beer news” guy, so my goal is not to report every development in the beer world. For that, subscribe to the excellent Utah Beer blog, run by Mike Riedel. Music besides jazz, because as I said, Dan Nailen does that fine. Also, no free beer. But I will taste plenty of it for you.

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