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Granato Post-Mortem

By on Aug 8, 2010 in Journalism | 0 comments

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Thoughts after the publication of my Sam Granato story:

I had fun, and I think it came through in the writing.

First person is difficult, but not impossible.

Objectivity is overrated.

Fairness is not overrated.

Drinking on the job makes Josh a better reporter.

Small details make big differences.

In politics, good analysis doesn’t need sourcing, only experience.

Experience will force a good reporter to make sure their analysis is accurate with, at the very least, off-the-record sources.

Too many reporters rely strictly on others to provide the analysis, which can actually hinder an article.

Life inside the candidate bubble is a lot different than outside the bubble.

This isn’t gonzo, but it’s a great first step.

I never, ever want to write a straight news story again.

I’m very aware that I may never write a story like this again.

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